MFA Thesis Exhibition

New Wight Gallery, University of California Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California, 2013

Dandelions, 2013 
Acrylic, charcoal, yarn, ribbon and gold leaf

on canvas and linen
114 x 168" [HxW]

ACAB, 2012 
Oil and acrylic on mixed media
140 x 40" [HxW]

Speak Truth to Power, 2013 
Acrylic, spray paint, gold leaf and found objects on drop cloth
105 x 210" [HxW]

This Art, 2014 
Canvas, gold leaf, acrylic, charcoal
15 x 15' [HxW]

Exit, 2013

Plastic drop cloth, latex paint, broom, TV,

paint bucket, chair, and yellow string

Dimensions variable